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Catering Gas Courses from BTAS (UK) Ltd

  • Training is available but is not a requirement before undertaking assessments.
  • Revision training is usually one day for re-assessments
  • Training for initial assessments can vary between 2 and 5 days depending on recent experience and on-going CPD
  • Managed learning programmes are available for new entrants.
  • New Entrants are invited for an informal interview to assess their training needs.

Gas kitchen picture

Commercial Catering Natural Gas - Assessments

ACS Category ACS Code Duration
Core Commercial Catering CCCN1 2 days
Changeover from Domestic to Catering CODC1
1.5 days
Catering Ranges and Water Boilers COMCAT1
0.5 day
Deep Fat and Pressure Fryers COMCAT3
0.5 day
Changeover from Domestic appliances to Catering Appliances CACATA 1 day
Commercial Mobile Catering CMC 0.5 day

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