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Logic Certification Approved Centre for Gas Fitting Operatives

BTAS (UK) Ltd is a Logic Certification approved centre for the delivery of gas assessments within the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) for Gas Fitting Operatives. Book a course with us today!

We offer a wide scope of gas assessments in domestic, commercial and catering; natural gas and LPG.

We have designated classrooms and fully-equipped workshops, all run by qualified and experienced trainers and assessors offering training and assessments which meet the needs of new and existing gas engineers. Call BTAS (UK) Ltd for more details.

You can email us by filling in the form on the Contact Us page and we will reply as soon as possible.

Btas Logic Certification

We offer a wide range of Gas Assessments, please click on the links below for more details:

Please contact us for further information on these courses.

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